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DJ Simone

Simone Arielle has proved that a steadfast work ethic and an obsessively extensive passion towards creativity is the formula for success in today’s growing club scene. Working with some of the biggest house, electro, and hip-hop artists in the business allowed her to establish a solid foundation in regards to turntablism and mixing, thus emerging as a charismatic performance DJ.

Keeping with her roots and traditional musicianship, Simone Arielle is known for incorporating many different genres of music and sounds with her sets. Her original sound invites live instrumentation where you can hear her preference for beats and bass fused with soul driven lyrics. Combining everything from house, reggae and hip-hop, to 70’s rock and dubstep, Simone has a unique style that provides something for everyone, no matter what you’re into.

DJ five8

Hello world… introducing DJ five8! The Denver, Colorado-based music aficionado—formerly known as DJTK—has rebranded and reimaged to serve clubland and dancefloors with fervent energy and happy hands. He brings to the turntables experience at such area clubs as Suite 200, Vinyl, The Church, Beta, and Jet to name a few. In addition, he has spun wares for the Metro State University Fall and Spring Fairs, Colorado Mobile Music (NYE Fireworks show at 16th street Mall) and at Conifer and Denver East High School.

Currently, five8 is mixing several singles, in addition to a hip-hop/EDM mash-up mix that he previewed in his June 2013 EP “five(2)8(zero).” The collective demonstrates his pride in the local community, including collaborations with local artists and producers, in a mash-up format that combines hip-hop and electric dance music. And the name, you wonder? five8 is based on our DJ’s height. And yet he stands oh so tall in Denver’s music scene. Get it? Got it.


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